Colorado Cake Pops Flavors and Pricing

Our cakepops are one-of-a-kind as each cake is paired with its own, handmade from scratch, delicious icing. We use quality ingredients with a lot of love and also decrease the sugar so you can have more and not feel guilty! Each cakepop is specially decorated and comes individually wrapped with a gold tie. We are making tastebuds happy one cakepop at a time!

Irresistible Flavors:


Customized- $5/dz extra charge


Dipped in chocolate with chocolate design

Almond Vanilla

Dipped in chocolate with slivered almonds on top

Chocolate Mint

Dipped in chocolate with green topper & crushed chocolate mints on top

Red Velvet

Dipped in red chocolate with white topper & red design


Dipped in white chocolate sprinkled with cinnamon sugar

Chocolate Peanut Butter Madness
Dipped in chocolate with peanut butter chocolate topper and crushed peanut butter cups
Luscious Lemon
Dipped in yellow with white topper and yellow swirl
Dipped in chocolate with white topper and chocolate coffee mug on top
Seasonal Flavors Specially Decorated:


Come specially decorated- not customizable
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How Far in Advance Should I Order?

Since our cakepops are made to order, a customized order requires a minimum 5-day processing time. However, at times, we have a current inventory of limited flavors available if you need to place a rush order without customization.
For weddings, large events, or corporate gatherings: please contact us at and we would love to assist you.

We are a home-based business and do not offer pickup at our location. We are happy to arrange a time and place to meet your for delivery. Meeting in Loveland is free of charge and anything outside of Loveland will be an extra $5 fee.
Storing Cakepops
Did you know cakepops can last in the freezer for months? They are a nice little treat when you want to reward yourself from a long week or need that chocolate fix! You can keep them at room temperature for a couple days and also keep them in the fridge for approximately 2 weeks.

If you store them in the freezer, we know it’s hard to resist that temptation, but give it an hour to unthaw and you will have the perfect bite! We promise, it will be worth the wait!